Here's the scoop! Well, imagine if a painter charged the same for every painting, regardless of size or complexity…

✘ Customization is key. Your brand’s story isn't a cookie-cutter template, so why should your video be?

✘ Contrary to popular belief, the length of a video doesn't always reflect the time and effort invested. A 10-second clip might take me three days of chasing sunsets and wrangling unicorns, while a 5-minute masterpiece could be whipped up quicker than a batch of instant noodles.

✘ Video-making isn't just about filming on set. It's also about hours of working through filmed material, fine-tuning every detail from music selection to color grading.

Want to know how much your dream video might cost? Shoot me the details, including desired video length, audio needs, text overlays, and where it's headed online (website, Instagram, etc.)!

Let's skip the package deals and create something as unique as your story deserves!